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By Danielle Renee Dy Cu

“Sorbetes” is a study on the typography seen on the ice cream carts peddled in the streets of the Philippines. Similar to jeepneys, the brightly painted wooden carts that housed the garapiñera with its respective ice cream flavors, have its significance in Philippine culture and history. Sorbetes was enjoyed during the banquet of the declaration of independence back in 1898, and was enjoyed as a family activity during colonial times. Commonly referred to as “Dirty Ice Cream”, the sweet treat is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Sparked by homesickness, nostalgia and the search for Filipino identity through type design, this project aims to pay homage to one of the popular street foods of the Philippines, as well as have a deeper understanding on the vernacular found on the sorbets carts.

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Showcasing work-in-progress from the Diploma and BA(Hons) Design Communication programmes.